Hello World!

Oh, hello! I am Alex, nice to meet you! May I introduce my new website.

It was a long time ago when I first started with HTML. The year was 1999, a time when fidgety glitter GIFs and background music in MIDI format were still en vogue, celebrating the brave new internet world in a loud and colorful way.

Then in 2006 I tried my first walking attempts with a public homepage. This has been offline for a long time, but a digital copy can still be viewed at archive.org, as the internet never forgets.

It all started with static HTML pages, followed by a “content management system” called WordPress. Nice were the times before “social” networks and influencers. When people maintained a personal website with care, presented their hobbies and got in touch and discussed with like-minded. Without cookie banners, advertising hell and spreading hate (because stupidity could not do HTML in the past). Back then, my hobbies included 2D and 3D graphics, as well as everything related to motorcycles.

At some point, social networks came along, which are still based on the good idea of offering less tech-savvy people a stage to the outside world. Unfortunately, many idiots, who don’t get any attention locally, because they are seen as such, also take advantage of the easy entry. They have shown that they are capable of registering on such platforms and networking with other less intelligent individuals.

And so the Internet is overrun these days by noisy hordes who think they have expertise in all fields. Clowns like Trump are elevated to their kings. Countries split off after votes, making themselves worse off than before. Crude theories, world conspiracies and “own research” are spread, instead of listening to the professionals who have dedicated their whole lives to their subject and build on the knowledge of their countless predecessors. Those professionals who are currently battling waves of idiocy in climate rescue and pandemic response. Crazy world. But if history can do one thing, it’s outlast idiocy. Cheers to the many quiet and reasonable people who do not let themselves be defeated even in difficult times and slowly but steadily move humanity forward!

Well, so be it. Where was I? Oh well, sometime in 2012, I decided to learn programming. Even though I didn’t stick with it with the vehemence I wish I had in hindsight, I can say that I now understand the concept behind it and am ready to take it a step further. And so, it was obvious to combine my passion for graphics and programming, which finally led to this website. First and foremost, I want to publish small, elegant programs for Windows and Linux, which are not overloaded with countless options and so, maybe in their own way, can contribute to making daily life less cumbersome.